Market Reports with Reader in Mind may be of a great help for you when there is a lack of data in English, but there are some more of them in Russian or Ukrainian. No need to translate it all. Moreover, no need to translate it at all. Order a desktop study now with a professional like me and get a ready to use analysis or overview.

Market Research

My list of market research reports:

  • Acquisition opportunity research on Zimtub S.A. (desktop study report, 2007);
  • Slovenian Steel Group (desktop study report, 2007);
  • Steel industry of China (desktop study report, 2007);
  • Steel industry of India (report on my business trip to India, 2006);
  • Steel market of Turkey (report on my business trip to Turkey, 2006);
  • Steel market of Middle East (report on my business trip to Dubai, 2005);
  • Data entry: contacts of permaculture centres (150 entries, 2020);

I have a certificate in Business Data Analysis.


Full cycle from profound research, creative writing and slides making to speaking to the audience:


My list of moderated events:

  • forum session 'Innovative Technologies in Engineering' in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, on May 22, 2012;
  • 2 focus groups on occupational safety at a facility in Dnipro, Ukraine, on May 30, 2017.

References are available upon request.

Local assistance

  • Consecutive interpreting of a speech at Permaculture and Polyculture conference in Kyiv, Ukraine, on February 2, 2020.

Get comprehensive assistance for your business or personal needs in Zaporizhzhia and nearby:

  • site inspection;
  • business meeting arrangement;
  • consecutive interpreting at your meetings;
  • accommodation, travel and leisure arrangements.


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