Translation with Reader in Mind for you means a fast and straightforward way to add value to your asset, product or service.

Not sure how and why? An accurate and reader-friendly conveying of your concepts and messages as if they were originally expressed in Russian or Ukrainian turns speakers of these languages from strangers into your perspective customers or partners.

Your words work locally the same as they do globally. Or maybe even better - why not?
Business and Legal translations from English to Russian

and Legal

  • Commercial proposals
  • Correspondence
  • Certificates
  • Contracts
  • Claims
  • etc.

and PR

  • Adds
  • Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Media kits
  • Presentations
  • etc.

Environmental translations from English to Russian

Environment and Sustainability

  • Agroforestry
  • Biodegradables
  • Circular economy
  • Permaculture
  • Recycling
  • etc.

More Expertise

Visited lots of cities and countryside places, travelled to 16 countries. Translated content for travel websites; hotels’ descriptions and guests’ feedback. Wrote the texts for websites and a blog. Delivered 2 transcreation projects.
Apps & Web
Got a diploma in computer systems and in-house experience in a role of SEO Manager: selected keywords, built links, wrote newsletters to website subscribers. As a freelancer, I translated app strings, apps’ promotions, terms and conditions for websites, contributed to localisation of a reference book for app developers for a worldwide renowned IT company and worked for some other localisation projects.
Technical domain
Translated plasma cutting unit manual, water disinfection facility manual, HSE Guidelines, product specifications: vessels, sensors, cables, flow meters, etc. Steel industry: worked for 5 years in a role of Export Manager at an integrated iron and steel works, one year as an engineer at the construction of a new steel mill. Those were followed by almost five years in organizing international steel and scrap metals conferences.
Social & Psychology
Translated instructions to case workers in a children reintegration project; report on child protection systems; popular articles.


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