Translation with Reader in Mind for you means a fast and straightforward way to add value to your asset, product or service.

Not sure how and why? An accurate and reader-friendly conveying of your concepts and messages as if they were originally expressed in Russian or Ukrainian turns speakers of these languages from strangers into your perspective customers or partners.

Your words work locally the same as they do globally. Or maybe even better - why not?
Target Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English


Language pairs breakdown in my income 2020:

   English into Ukrainian 43%
   English into Russian 41%
   Ukrainian into English 10%
   Russian into English 4%

Remained "other" stands for a small piece of Slovenian into Ukrainian I did for the first time in my practice, as well as some non-translation jobs, like database provisioning, etc.

Domains: XX


Domains breakdown in my income 2020:

   Localization 38%
   Technology and IT 24%
   Marketing and Business 18%
   Sustainability and Environment 13%
   Legal, including Certificates 6%
   Miscellaneous 1%

Special Offer

Ecovillages, Permaculture, Circular Economy and Nature Conservation are my preferred domains. Contact me to get your special offer on them.


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